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Vinyl Decals are perfect for promoting your brand on cars, trucks, vans, boats, store windows, trailers and other surfaces.

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Custom Decals

Monster Image creates all types of vinyl stickers such as helmet decals, racing decals, and branding decal packages. We also produce decals for machinery, sports equipment, vending machines, gasoline pumps, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles, as well as bumper stickers and vinyl patches.

We offer both permanent and removable decals, which are designed to come off cleanly when it’s time to remove it. Of course, there are some instances that require the most aggressive adhesive possible, such as safety or warning label decals.

In addition to custom die cut decals, Monster Image in Orange County also specializes in the production and installation of all types of etched glass vinyl decals.

Digital Die Cut Decals

Digital die cut stickers give you more opportunity for intricate artwork through the ability to print full color images. We use high quality vinyl, and we use a protective laminate on every order.  Once printed, these full color decals are then die cut, leaving no residual materials behind on your surface. This particular style has provided our clients endless possibilities for realizing their marketing & promotional ideas.

Digital die cut stickers are great for company logos which incorporate full color imagery such as landscapes, people(s) and objects. Our state of the art printer will output your artwork in high resolution.

Etched Glass Vinyl Decals

The look of etched glass adhesive vinyl is very realistic. More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of using etched glass adhesive vinyl. Etched glass adhesive vinyl is an easy and affordable way to give your retail windows, glass doors and showers the look of expensive frosted or etched glass.

Vinyl graphics are the perfect use for store front windows, office doors and any other glass surface, with additional benefits that include reducing heat, filtering UV rays, privacy and security.

Applications for etched glass adhesive vinyl include:

  • Office
  • Exterior Windows and Doors
  • Production Rooms
  • Entrance and Greeting Displays
  • Bathroom Showers
  • Room Dividers

Printed Vinyl Die Cut Decals

Vinyl die cut decals are a very popular product, which require no ink or printing. Rather than peel-and-stick, these are are highly customized pieces contour cut vinyl. First, we capture your company’s artwork with precision and accuracy. Our state of the art equipment in Orange County cuts the vinyl, leaving no residual material besides your actual logotype or brand mark. The stickers are then applied by removing the paper backing, along with the Application Masking.

Our decals are perfect for promoting your business on cars, trucks, vans, boats, store windows, trailers and other surfaces.

This sticker type is also commonly referred to as: Pro-cut Decals, Thermal Die-cuts, Vinyl Pro-Cut, Pro-cut Stickers, Decals, Transfer Stickers.

Custom Decal and Sticker FAQ

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest size decal you can print?

Any Size!  Monster Image in Orange County can print wall decals that are the size of a door,  medium sized stickers for the side of a truck,  or even gigantic decals to go on the side of a 53 foot  trailer.  Just let us know what you need and we’ll do it.

Can you print small runs of stickers?

Monster Image in Orange County can make  one single decal if  needed. We produce custom decals on a daily basis.  Small decal runs start with a minimum order requirement . We have the ability to produce temporary or permanent, any size, as well as installation and removal for any decal application.

Are vinyl decals removeable?

Yes. We offer every type of adhesive decal. We  produce  removable short term decals all the way to high duty permanent decals.  All of these products can be removed safely with the proper care. Please note that removing a decal will destroy it.

How long will my decals last?

We have decal materials that will last approximately 7 years outdoors under normal conditions. They have an almost indefinite lifespan indoors. Some vinyl types, such as metallic gold and silver, have a slightly shorter life expectancy when used outdoors. Decals placed on a rear windshield under a wiper will have a shorter lifespan. This is for gloss vinyl, out matte vinyl is indoor vinyl and should last until removed from its surface.

Can I install decals on fresh paint?

Monster Image in Orange County offers several removable adhesive  products including  custom wall vinyls. For freshly painted walls it is recommended that paint is left to cure for at least  20 days prior to installation.  Otherwise applying a vinyl wall decal could damage some paint when it  is  removed afterwards.

Still Have Questions?

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