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Plumbing van wraps are a incredible way to give your business instant visibility!

Your fleet of vehicles is valuable space… don’t waste it, WRAP it!

Monster Image Digital Printing produced both a van & truck wrap for Xcel Plumbing in Orange County, CA. With 3M Controltac vinyl and our high resolution printing ability, look at the vibrant color you can get! When you wrap your vehicle in your company’s brand, logo, identity, and contact information, you will raise awareness as you drive around. A plumbing company vehicle wrap is the best way you can increase your exposure and get your name and brand out in your community. Whether you are parked at a house, having lunch, or commuting to the next job, you’re advertising. You already own the space, use it. Contact Monster Image today to learn how van wraps and truck wraps can work for your company to increase your sales and grow your company.


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