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At Monster Image, we offer wall graphics and trade show displays for all of Southern California.

We service the following cities in LA County: Beverly Hills, Burbank, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Irwindale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, San Fernando, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, West hollywood, Whittier.

Wall Graphics in Los Angeles County

Bring Your Walls to Life with Premium Wall Graphics!

Simple, fast, and powerful. Monster Image wall graphic options are a dramatic way for you to improve your home or office, or special event with large format prints. Impress your visitors and LA customers, or just be inspired every day!

Wall Murals in LA

Custom wall murals are an easy way to highlight products. Create an immediate impact with the use of vibrant, colorful, high-resolution and photo realistic graphics.

Wall murals are the ideal way to communicate messages to customers and are used in an assortment of places in Los Angeles County like office lobbies, schools, universities, conference rooms, LA event centers, as well as inside your home.

We use the finest adhesive vinyl for durability and longevity, and can accommodate any wall covering needs.

Wall Decals in Los Angeles County

Vinyl wall decals make it easier than ever before to custom design your home, office, or business interior in LA County, Long Beach and Torrance. Vinyl wall decals allow full creativity without the mess of stencils, the hassle of wallpaper, or the expense of hiring a professional decorator.  At Monster Image in Southern California, we specialize in creating custom and unique interior décor.

Our removable vinyl wall decals are not just for walls… use them on any smooth or lightly textured surface in your home, business or vehicle. Add vinyl wall decals to your event or party décor to carry the theme. Go ahead and apply our wall decals on painted metals, finished wood, glass, windows, mirrors and appliances – and use your imagination for other decorating projects. We provide an easy, yet professional and personalized look to compliment a host of design or decorating projects.

Step & Repeat Banner LA

A Step and Repeat Banner (also known as a Red Carpet Backdrop) is a banner that contains logos of sponsors, that is repeated throughout, for the purpose of advertising. Step and Repeats are commonly used in Los Angeles at events, as well as for personal use.

Uses of Step and Repeat Banners are endless. You can use them during red carpet events, weddings, media productions, birthdays, graduations, family reunions and much more!

Retail Barricades in Los Angeles County

While retail barricade graphics are temporary, they are a large part of how your company and brand are perceived. At Monster Image in Southern California, our team of graphic experts are ready to print and install your retail barricade today!

With state of the art in-house production and project management, your retail barricades are printed and finished to the highest standards. We have an experienced network of installers across the U.S. Our network is comprised of fully licensed and insured installers, making sure your LA County retail barricade graphics are installed on time, every time.

Retail Barricades:
Let customers know in advance your opening a new store.

Shopping Mall Barricades:
Cover plywood or windows with attractive vinyl graphics during renovations and fit outs.

Construction Site Barricades:
Display your brand image for advertising and marketing.

Building Wraps in LA County

Think Big!

There’s nothing more impressive than wrapping an entire building with your brand. And you can do it almost anywhere in Los Angeles County with Monster Image.

We invite you to think big and challenge us with your ideas. Our production capabilities mean there is literally no limit to how large you can go. We can manage the entire process, from city codes and street-blocking permits, to building wrap installation cranes and equipment.

You find the structure, we’ll find the solution.


  • Any Size, Any Surface
  • Surveying and Permitting
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Wind and Weather Resistant

Tradeshow Displays in Los Angeles County

Our large format printing services are perfect for trade show graphics and display booths. At Monster Image in Southern California, we understand how much time, effort and planning goes into your tradeshow presence. If your display booth does not steal attention and leave a lasting impression, generating leads for your business could prove to be a challenge.

Trade Show Products:

  • Portable Trade Show Displays
  • Hanging Headers & Overhead Banners
  • Banner Stands & Sign Displays
  • Directional Signage
  • Posters, Banners & Flags
  • Barricade Covers
  • Custom Backdrops
  • Temporary Wall Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Installation Services
  • Mounted graphics on rigid substrates, such as Sintra, acrylic, plexiglass & Foamcore
  • Fabric & Canvas
  • Custom-cut Dimensional Letters & Logos
  • Backlit Film & Light Boxes

Backdrops & Booth Banners in LA County

The phrase “trade show graphics” can mean different things to different people, since trade shows are generally overflowing with graphics and signs of every variety, all competing for attention.

For some companies in Beverly Hills, Burbank, San Fernando and Hollywood, their trade show graphics are banners that hang off the back of a pipe and drape structure, or a table cover with the company logo. For others, their tradeshow booths are pop up displays, or signage attached with velcro to a fabric display.

Trade show graphics could be designs printed on fabric, and stretched over some type of frame, either floor standing or hanging. When many people think of trade show displays, they think of graphics for pop up style trade show booths, table top displays, or even large truss structures and custom exhibits. Regardless of what type of trade show display you have, or how much money you’ve spent on it, they are all designed to provide a means to show your products.

What Size Trade Show Are You Attending in LA?

Whether you are in search of new graphics for an existing display, or looking to build a new booth, we have solutions for you.

All throughout Los Angeles County, Monster Image offers design, printing,  installation, shipping and transportation services.  Our trade show display options are competitively priced and printed in vibrant, accurate color at the highest resolution and quality.  Your trade show graphics will look outstanding, and continue to look great after repeated use. Get noticed in a positive way by your potential customers!

Wall Graphic FAQ

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are wall decals and graphics?

Wall decals and graphics—also known as wall stickers, decals or graphics—are basically large stickers.  More specifically they are very thin sheets of vinyl with one printed side and one adhesive side. They have a backing paper on the non-printed side that is peeled off to reveal the adhesive side of the vinyl.  They stick flat to walls and other surfaces without the use of nails or glue.  Although all printed adhesive vinyls look similar, the manufacturers are very scientific in formulating products specific for certain wall types, conditions, and adhesive strengths and durations

Where else can you apply letters, decals and wall graphics?

At Monster Image in Orange County, our printed graphics aren’t just for walls: you can place them on any smooth, flat, finished surface. This includes windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, lockers, laptops… practically anywhere you can think of.

If you would like to place your graphics on non-flat more complex shapes we offer graphics that can be applied with heat to conform to any shape or surface.

Can wall graphics be applied to textured surfaces?

Yes.  The technology behind adhesives and conforming vinyls is amazing.  Let us know about the surface you plan to apply your letters and decals to and we can recommend the right solution for the job.

Why can't you apply wall graphics to freshly painted surfaces?

Nothing wrecks wall stickers or decals faster than fresh paint.  Even when paint feels dry to the touch, it takes a very long time—sometimes several weeks, to “cure.”  If wall letters or decals are applied before the paint is completely cured, they may curl, peel, or fall off entirely… and it may take some of your paint with it.  So wait for your paint to cure and your results will be beautiful!

How should I clean my wall mural?

A slightly damp cloth and a little hand soap should do the trick for removing any dirt, dust, or other substances that may end up on your wall decals or wall mural.

Trade Show Display FAQ

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design graphics for a display purchased from another company?

Yes we can!

We know the specifications of the graphics for many brands of Orange County trade show displays, but for others, we may need some information in order to be certain the graphics are created properly.

If you provide us with the brand and model of your display, we can get the necessary information. If you don’t know the brand and model, we may need the display, the existing panels, or some detailed measurements in order to produce your new graphics.

For certain fabric displays, we will need the frame, and if available, the existing fabric “skin”, to ensure a proper fit.

For pop up displays, there is also panel hanging hardware that is attached to the top, and usually the bottom, of each panel that allows the panels to hook onto the display at the top. This hardware tends to vary by manufacturer, so if you want to keep your existing graphics in addition to your new ones, you will need new panel hangers as well. Again, with the correct information we can usually get these for you. If you aren’t keeping your old graphics, we may be able to remove the old panel hangers and reuse them which will save you some money.

Can I replace just one or a few panels of my existing display graphics without reprinting them all?

Despite the fact that our printers are among the best in the industry at producing repeatable color, while it is possible, this is generally not a good idea. But that’s not to say it can not be done.

If each panel of your booth is different so that alignment and color matching isn’t an issue, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t do this, but there are several potential issues to be aware of if you are trying to replace one or two panels of a continuous mural.

Even if the background color of the adjacent panels are solid black or white, it could be difficult to get an exact color match to a previous job due to factors such as fading, condition of the substrate, as well as the fact that the materials used get changed by the manufacturers from time to time.

The process of producing a multi-panel mural involves very precise alignment and trimming, so trying to substitute panels later would almost certainly create some alignment issues. For that reason, you would need to provide us with the frame and all existing panels so we can inspect the unit for any damaged or missing hanger components, match the replacement substrate to the adjacent panels and insure precise alignment of the new panels.

So, while it is possible, we don’t recommend doing it unless subtle color and alignment differences in the design are not a problem.

What can you print graphics on?

At Monster Image in Orange County, we stock 13 oz. matte and gloss outdoor vinyl, backlit material for light boxes, wallpaper, canvas, tri-poplin fabric, polypro film, adhesive backed vinyl, and window cling. We can print on flat sheets of sintra, coroplast, foamcore, display board, and 50 point board. For large orders, we will order any of the special materials that are available for our equipment. If you have special needs, let’s talk!

I want to add my company logo to my rental display. Can you print signage?

Yes, we can create high-quality large-format trade show graphics for any  trade show rental exhibit displays. Our Orange County and LA graphic designers can also assist you in creating the necessary large-format artwork files. Using our graphic design and production services ensures that your trade show graphics are the perfect fit for your trade show exhibit rentals.

Why buy a tradeshow display?

Trade show displays are a great marketing tool that can be utilized to brand your name, attract new leads, and increase your business potential in Orange County, LA or nationwide. An effective trade show booth that is displayed at the right show is sure to pay for itself over and over again by increasing leads and making your company well know at shows. If you are exhibiting at any convention, a trade show display is a must to realize your full potential at the show. Most exhibitors have gone to full graphic displays for most events.  If you do not keep up with the competition,  your booth will be lost at every show you attend. A trade show display that is affordable and designed correctly,  will give you high returns year after year.

How do I make arrangements for shipping a trade show display exhibit?

We just need the details of your trade show display exhibit shipment (quantity, weight, dimensions) and the shipping address. We’ll do the rest!

Monster Image provides shipping services to trade shows and conventions in Orange County, Los Angeles, and across the U.S. We are experienced with deliveries to and pick ups from convention centers and hotels. We are familiar with standard show management policies, including the proper paperwork procedures. We can  make your trade show a huge success.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any further questions you’d like answered about Window Graphics, or if you’d like to get a quote, please click the button to the right and get in touch with us!

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